About Broken Britain

In 2007, David Cameron coined the term “Broken Britain”. For the next three years this entered every day parlance. The idea that Britain was “on it’s knees” took root quickly, especially in the wake of the financial crisis. In the real world life was actually pretty good, but that‘s hardly relevant to an election campaign. 

Unsurprisingly, giving people an outlet to blame all their misfortunes was a vote winner; laying the blueprint for everything that went wrong with British politics and commencing 12 years of systemic decline. The decline accelerated in 2016 with a divisive Brexit referendum that ripped the country in two.

Britain finally “broke” in 2019 when the country elected Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Now, we have a self-obsessed clown in charge, driving the country into the ground. Scandals, lies and corruption have become commonplace. This website has been born out of the sheer frustration at seeing every aspect of our country destroyed. But our goal is a positive one; to set out a blueprint for growth that brings everyone in the country with us.

Broken Britain

This website seeks to provide comment, analysis and opinions on every aspect of Britain today. It also examines Britain’s place in a post-Brexit Europe. The ultimate goal is to help reverse the damage that has left “Broken Britain” in it’s current dire state of repair.

If you have any specific areas that you’d like us to examine, please feel free to get in touch using the Contact page. We will try to get in touch within 24 hours, but if you have a more urgent enquiry please feel free to reach out via Twitter!