Caution! Britain is Broken!
Britain is facing unprecedented Social and Economic challenges

In my previous article, “Society is Broken”, I started collating a list of ways in which Britain is suffering. Sadly, I quickly found that today’s country is in such a dire state of repair that the list became unwieldy. With that in mind I’ve created a separate post which I will keep up to date:

Broken Society

  • Poverty is rife with an exponential growth in reliance on food banks seen over the last decade
  • Our welfare state is completely unfit for purpose, serving neither those who are reliant on it long term or the freshly unemployed
  • State pensions, despite being one of the least generous offerings in Europe, are growing at an unsustainable rate
  • Serious crimes like fraud are on the rise, whilst the police waste time pursuing protestors

Broken Economy

Broken Justice

  • Police forces up and down the country are facing a crisis in confidence that threatens the very principle of “Policing by Consent”
  • The Metropolitan police in particular appears to have drawn up battle lines with the general public, in the form of an attack on the Mayor of London
  • Our courts are in crisis with unprecedented backlogs that will not clear until 2024
  • The state of legal aid is, frankly, abhorrent with fears that it is leading to wholesale miscarriages of justice
  • A “tough on crime” stance that is completely blind to the causes of crime with a predilection for punishments that actively harm efforts for long term rehabilitation

What happens next?

I’ll keep adding to this list as we post more articles on Broken Britain. Wherever possible, I’ll also try to include useful links and resources to help validate our assertions.

If you have any additions to share please get in touch using the “Contact” page. I’d love to hear from you!

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