Boris Johnson walking from his government car

Photography by EU2016 SK (Public Domain)

Today’s reason is actually quite sad. Johnson had cheated on his wife twice previously, and it’s a running joke that no one knows how many children he has – including him. Sadly, the third time was the final straw. Marina Wheeler requested a divorce in late 2018. Shortly after she revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Whether she was actually being treated for cancer at the time he cheated is unclear. What is apparent is that Wheeler had to deal with the stress of a divorce when she should have been free to recover.

A lot of the reasons on this site are critiques of his competence, but this cuts much deeper. This is a critique of his character. I am generally reluctant to attack a politicians character. We are all human and we all make mistakes. It is easy to throw stones and there are few people who would survive when examined under a microscope. But this is downright despicable.

I would challenge that anyone with such low moral character to treat another human being, not least one that he purportedly loved, like this does not have the moral fortitude required to lead.

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