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Earlier today the police confirmed that parties had taken place. Johnson has repeatedly stated that no parties took place. That all the rules were followed. He even said this in parliament. I struggle to see how both of these statements can be true. Put another way, Boris Johnson lied to parliament over Partygate.

This is a fundamental breach of the Ministerial Code. This on its own would usually be a resigning matter. But as with anything related to Johnson, he will deflect, bribe and cajole his way out of trouble. Even as the police announced that they are fining 20 people for breaching lockdown rules, Johnson has refused to say whether he would resign if fined. With the news that there are more fines to come this is as sure a sign as any that he knows he broke the law.

How has Boris Johnson responded to the news?

Believe it or not, he has not responded with contrition. He has not apologised (despite what his supporters may claim). He has also not even admitted that the law was broken. No. He decided to throw a party. Every single Conservative MP has been invited to a party at Park Plaza this evening. Sadly, even those who were clamouring for his resignation a few weeks ago, seem to have taken the bait. They claim that “the war in Ukraine” has changed the game, but it is unclear why. Britain is not fighting the war and Johnson is not a statesman. He’s a sideshow. Yet, for this his MPs seem content to forget that Johnson lied to parliament.

Irrespective of the war, throwing a party at this moment is the tactic of an internet troll. He no doubt thinks that this is the sort of thing that will get his base laughing along. I am sure that this man pines for the days when it was all a bit of a joke. His antics used to be laughed off as being “good old Boris” – but this man is not your friend. He is the leader of the country, and he holds you in contempt.

I can only hope that at some point this man is dealt with in the same way that all trolls must be dealt with. Ignored and consigned to the dustbin of history as an irrelevant joke.

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